I was deeply moved

I am a personal friend of the author of “randosrant” and have just finished reading the story of his journey through his illness. I was deeply moved by the honesty and selflessness with which this article was written. I have not (fortunately) had to undergo the treatment and procedures, many of which are quite invasive, that are involved in this type of therapy.
I have always said, it is hard to make a comment when you do not have the personal experience ( my analagy is that it is looking through the window from the outside). Having said that, I feel I can say with absolute confidence, that any person needing support in this area, would benefit greatly from contact with

– Bob Kennedy –

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  1. Bob & Sonia

    Hi Tony, Gail,
    Having just read your revamped blog, I could not once more stop to admire your tenacity and openess in an attempt to help other people in a similar situation. Not having gone through the years of suffering and discomfort it is like looking through a window from the outside. I have however been through a depressive illness and do understand how important your wife can be. Knowing you as a person and a good friend gives me a better insight into your reasoning for randosrant. It takes a lot of what you have plenty of to open up yours and Gail’s life with the hope that it can help other people. I think that last statement typifies you both. Despite what’s “going on” in your lives, you both still have time and find the effort to help other people. You both are truely an
    Inspiration and we can openly say how proud we are to be able to call you our good friends. Best wishes with randosrant.


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