That lady deserves a medal

Tony, that lady of yours deserves a medal. She was always one of my favourite people and I know she would have given you all the help you needed. Your story and the fighting spirit you (and Gail) have shown is an inspiration to all who may read your story. That fighting spirit of both of you goes back to our tennis days and I just wish we could have them all over again.

– Gordon Bowen –

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  1. Bob & Sonia. Kennedy

    Tony & Gail
    You are both remarkable people and very good friends. Not having gone through what you have Tony, it’s hard to fully understand the “pain” of various types you have gone through over many years with your illness. But I can say without fear of being corrected that you are a marvellous inspiration to many fellow sufferers. It takes a lot of what you have plenty of to open your life up to the fullest extent and your only reward,not that you are looking for one, is that it may help other people in a similar position. Despite your condition you have always found time to help & serve others and on a personal note, I have always enjoyed our conversations about various issues with the computer.
    They say behind every good man is a good woman. Well in your case it is most certainly true. Sonia & I are good friends with you both and are very aware of the love & respect you have for each other and as you have often stated, what she does for me. I have been through a depressive illness and it is through the love, patience & understanding from your partner that helps you get through this. Tony & Gail, thank you for being “out there” with your lives and we are both certain that your openess is an inspiration to others.


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