Randos Rant


It is now seven years since I was diagnosed with throat cancer and what a seven years it has been. Once the radiotherapy finished and we returned home I was on heavy doses of pain killers and did not eat ...

Welcome to Rando’s Rant


The purpose of Rando’s Rant is three fold. Firstly I want to acknowledge my wife Gail, as without her I would not be here to tell the story. Secondly, to further acknowledge all those people who formed my support group from the diagnosis of Throat Cancer in March 2005 to the present day.

All of them have contributed to us getting through the difficult times, and in fact, still assisting with ongoing friendships and concern for us. Thirdly to signal that I am more than happy to talk to people who are going through this dreadful thing called cancer.

By leaving a comment on the Rando’s Rant blog you will help it’s recognition on the internet. I am not on Facebook or Twitter as I do not like the way they are heading. They seem to do an awful lot of damage to innocent people and I am not prepared to be a conduit for such!

My Cancer Journey

The page I have named ‘A TIME TO REMEMBER’ was written in November 2005, about a month after arriving home from the daily radiotherapy at RNSH in Sydney. The second page ‘SEVEN YEARS ON’ was written in March 2012. They appear on the top of the opening page. Some photos of us through the years are posted under Gallery

The selfish part of writing Rando’s Rant was that I used the writing of the story as personal therapy. I hope to continue researching the surviving of cancer and finding links for vital information for those who have the disease and, just as importantly, the recovery after treatment.

Cancer Support

As a very proud member of the Coffs Harbour General Cancer Support Group I hope to continually be in contact with patients, their carers and relatives to share experiences. This group greatly assisted me through the ‘dark’ days of depression and loss of self esteem.

– Tony Randall –